Hello lovely people all around the world! Uuuuhhhh…’s rainy season in Indonesia. So, almost everyday i bring my cute umbrella to Campus and wear a comfy outfit, because i have to prepare myself when i stuck at campus or on the way so i will feel ‘OK’ with that.;)
How’s about you sweeties? What season do you have on your country? Tell me in the comment down below, so we can be close friend….

Now, i’ll share MY MORNING ROUTINE during WEEKDAY guys! Are you ready? I hope so.
I start my day randomly. Mostly, my first class starts on 7 am, 9.30 am and 12 pm. When my first class starts on 7 am, i wake up at 5.30 am. And if my class starts on 9.30 am, i wake up on 7.30 am. But on 12 pm, i wake up on 9 am or at the latest on 10 am.
And then, i check my phone. Mostly, i opened Instagram and Snapchat, i just opened Line and Whatsapp when i get a message. I take 10-15 minutes for that.
After that…..
I take a bath. I don’t wash my hair in the morning, because usually i wash my hair the night before. I just wash my face with The Body Shop Clearing Facial Wash Tea, and then i brush my teeth with Colgate toothpaste, i use Shinzui Body Wash and if you wondering what shampoo that i use, i use Pantene Damage Total Care. For the details, maybe i will do to make a post about my hair care. I take around 10-20 minutes for that…
And then….
After taking a bath, i do making a bed. Not taking a long time for that. I just put my pillow and bolsters in the right place and fold up my blanket.
This is my favorite part in my morning routine. I just do a basic make up for daily makeup. I put a powder from MAKE OVER, mascara from Maybelline, eyebrow pencil from Maybelline and i mix with Etude House Perfect Brow Kit, lipbalm from Maybelline, for lipstick sometimes i use from MAKE OVER or Revlon. And then for scent my body i use Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Body Mist. For my hair, i do natural hair which is straight long hair or just curly my hair a little bit for a wave sometimes. And put some accessories.;)
It’s time for breakfast!!! Uuuu….i always love my breakfast time because it makes my morning feels good.
For breakfast i have a cereal, biscuit or bread. Sometimes i have a breakfast like a lunch too. The cereal i drink is from Energen, and for the biscuits are random. The most are Lemonia and Twister.
I love chill for awhile before i go to the Campus. It makes me so calm and cool. During a chill time, i just opened my phone again, see the picture on Instagram, check the tweet on Twitter, see my friends history on Snapchat, listen the music or just watch TV.
And then i prepare for my class, take my bag and wear my shoes on……
Time to go! I always go to the Campus 15-20 minutes before class begin. I walk to the Campus around 5-7 minutes on the way. Sometimes i go the Campus together with my friend or just alone…..
So, thats all about my Morning Routine for Weekday cuties! Comment in down below if you like it and give
me your love!<3




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