Welcome back to my blog! This week is quite busy and wonderful too. I just so busy with my college and preparing about the final exam of this semester which is will be coming on early December. And also writing this blog.:)

Saturday morning i just woke up with a good feel, because my family just visited me, my Dad Mom and my little Brother. They’re visited me and we went to The Secret Factory Outlet in Bandung. We just having fun at there. The weather is so hot, but a little windy. So its a pretty chill weather.
The Outlet is very nice and quite cheap to shopping. I like to shopping at there and it was my first time. We went there to bought my Brother outfit for Christmas Celebration. Its our tradition, usually in Christmas day we wear a new outfit. How about your tradition for Christmas Day? Tell me in the comment down below sweeties!
My outfit of the day is simple outfit. Because the weather is hot but little windy as i told you before, i wore white top from Coco Kelen match with my navy blue outer and black skort. I love Coco Kelen brand, that brand has so many really good and comfy outfit. And for complete my day i wore black flip flop from Payless and my bae Hermes Kelly on red. I’m falling in love with this little red all the time. I got this from my 18 birthday last year. Do you want to see what’s in the inside? Tell me in the comment down below and maybe i’ll tell you on the next blog.
For complete the weather on that day, i bought ice chocolate milk called Gorilla. I don’t know what i have to say about it, but my day just pretty good and lovely. I really hope yours will be same as mine too.
X Marcelina


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