Hello Sweethearts! Finally i’m back after a week i didn’t make a blog post, cause i had to focus with my final exam. Hope you can understand my situation guys;)
So today i just try to make a blog post of this week as best as i can. Let’s get started!

Sorry about the bad quality picture sweety, because i took that picture so quickly and as you know i’m so busy in this month, preparing for final exam and Christmas Day is just made me so stressed. Haha and i have tried to make a blog post on this week. Taking the time for sharing my day with all of you, cause i want to keep connecting with you people….

I take BE POSITIVE ‘FEARLESS‘ for the blog post title. Why? Because i really want to share with you how i spend my time and memories for the last month in this year and get ready for the new year without fears. Because sometimes we also have fears too. How if our life is not good, not lucky and so many things and negative think in our head. For me, this is just our mind. We have to learn to control our mind to be positive. Just make a good one memory for the last month in this year, that’s all i do. And don’t forget to always pray to God. God is always good all the time.:)

So in this picture, i wore a hot pink dress, black heels and nude clutch from Urban&Co. I took that picture before i went to wedding invitation with my family. So it just took around 15 minutes, so quickly right?!
And buy the way sweeties, i just got the new hairstyle. I’ve cut my hair a little bit short and make it curly waves. Try to make a new hairstyle or haircut for the new year too guys! It will make you fresh and feel like a new one (and more positive).

So that’s all about my outfit  for the wedding invitation and my blog post of this week. I’ll make a blog post for Christmas Outfit and What i got for Christmas 2015? on the next post. See you there!
Hope you like it and don’t forget to comment if you want to read and see my Christmas Outfit and also What i got for Christmas 2015?

xo Marcelina



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