Hello my lovelies readers! So sorry that i’m really late to post a blog post about my holiday. Because, i’m so busy, emm pardon me, not busy but i had so much fun time with my family and my best friends. So i have to manage my time. Haha!
How’s your holiday sweeties? Sweet as mine? I hope so…

Oh yah! I almost forgot to say HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016 for everyone, my lovelies readers and viewers. Hugs and kisses from Indonesia to all of you in overseas…xoxo
As you knew from those pictures or some of you follow and see my instagram, i went to the beach with my best friends. We went to Pangandaran Beach. Pangandaran Beach is the famous beach in West Java. You can see the sunrise and sunset from East Beach and West Beach on the same day. And also you can play around at the beach, swim or just enjoy the SUN SAND and SEA.
They are my best friends. We met in the elementary school and junior high school, and still counting until now. So sweet isn’t it? From left to right, they are Christine, Barry, Revan, Stanley, Ocky, Belinda and Tri. You can spot me right? Haha. If you guys curious about them just go to my instagram and open my picture which one i’m tagged them in that picture:)
The lovely day not enough if you’re not eat an ice cream. BOYS AND GIRLS, BEACH and ICE CREAM are perfect right? I really love that moment. I ate this ice cream at Relax, you can see the address by add my path (Marcelina Veliana) and love my moment at Relax to tell me that you know me from the blog.
For your information too, me and my friends stayed at Sun In Pangandaran Hotel. This is our third times stayed there. The room was nice and comfy and the view from the top is so beautiful. These are the pictures.
xo, Marcelina and friends





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