Just fallin’ in love with this app in this month. 🙂 Hi pretty! I just come back. Did you guys read my last post? Sure, you did!;) So guys, are you make resolution for this year? You have to make it for sure. So you will have a goal in this year. Let me hope the best for all of you on this year sweety….

So now, i will talk about MV.POLYVORE. What is that? Let me tell you here.
MV.POLYVORE is my instagram account for my polyvore sets. I made it because so many people asked me to do it, and thats why i start to make it. I really love about this app. You can also read my post about the POLYVORE first in here. I made polyvore account 3 months ago. Now my status is Style Setter. I made about 114 sets and 778 views set. I always love do mix and match and want to be a fashion stylish. And now i am a fashion stylish for myself, my sister and also my mom. You can contact me and ask me everything and share each other about fashion. I do love make up and beauty too. And i will be a make up artist, wait for me ok?
About my style, i really love black and white outfits for sure. I love a neutral color. Like black, white, navy blue, red, grey, brown and also soft color like baby blue, baby pink, peace, lavender and mint. So here’s some of my sets….




So guys, thats some of my sets. I hope you will like it and you can see more on instagram account or my polyvore account. Don’t forget to follow and give me your ‘double taps’… Here the link below!
xo, Marcelina




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