Best CNY Ever

Hi guys! Like i told you before on my last post, i will tell you about my Chinese New Year Day. If some of you added my snapchat (id: mveliana) you can see my history of my Chinese New Year Day 1 and 2. So, if some of you didn’t have a snapchat here i go to tell about it in here….

Day 1

Top – ZARA // Jeans Skirt – Guess


my elder sister (white one) // my cousin (white one) // my little brother (navy one)
me and my cousin
my super cute cousin


My CNY day 1 was super fun. I spend a lot time with my whole cousin, my lovely elder sister and my little brother, as you can see on those pictures. I love them so much! No matter what. In that night, i had a dinner with my big family, chit chat together and of course took a picture.

Day 2

me, my little brother, my elder sister // my dad and my mom


I have to say this! CNY this year was best CNY ever. I don’t know why, but i am so happy in that day. I really had so much time with my whole family and met up with them was so nice. I love love love them so much!♥♥♥ if some of you celebrate lunar new year too you can share with me on the comment down below and share the picture on instagram and twitter, don’t forget to tag me and put the hashtag #CNYxMarcelinaV

This outfit is up on my last blog, but i wore different shoes from that post. In that day, i wore black wedges shoes from Prima•Classe and red mini bag from Tory Burch. But so sorry i didn’t take a picture of that, maybe soon in the order post!

xo, Marcelina and Family




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