holy White

Welcome back to my blog! I’ve been so busy lately, so i didn’t do any blog post. So now, in the middle of my exam day i try to do a blog post.:)

Last week, i went to my hometown to celebrate Easter Day. I went by train on Wednesday night with my friends and my sister. It feels so great to back home and meet with my family. I spend a lot of time with my family and talked about anything with them. On the next day,  i did nothing in that day. I just preparing for the night, because its the Holy Thursday.

Top – White Turtleneck (similar here) // Skirt – Brocade (similar here) // Shoes – Ballerina Flat Shoes from Payless
Clutch – Juicy Couture


Of course i wore white top. I wore this top similar with my outfit (in few posts) for the Holy Thursday outfit. And combined it with blue and white brocade skirt and my lovely ballerina flat shoes. I really love these shoes. So adorable!♥

I took almost 2 hours more to prepared this look. Haha 😀 Yes, i always took 2 hours more to get ready. How about you ladies? Tell me in the comment down below!! After Holy Thursday was done, i’m back to home and got a rest. Because at 3 am we had to go to Church again for prayed. And yes we did!:) How about your last Holy Thursday sweeties? What did you do?

x, Marcelina




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