What’s new? April Favorites [makeup stuff]

Hi guys! How have you been? I hope you have a good week. So, this is my first post about beauty product or make up stuff, what’s new and my favorites make up stuff. I hope you will enjoy and love it. Don’t forget to like it and follow my blog! So, let’s get started!:)

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On this early April, i just spend my day with my family at my hometown. Because i have a break time during my exams week. So tired actually, but i enjoy it. How’s about your day or your week ladies? Tell me in comment down below:)

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Dangerous Woman

I feel like a ‘Dangerous Woman’ this week. Because so many people told me that i’m not warm as well. Haha 😀 OMG! I’m so shock but feeling OK too, because i know that my face isn’t friendly but actually if people call me i’ll be really warmly and friendly as well.;) Continue reading “Dangerous Woman”