[CLOSED] GIVE AWAY!!! Maybelline Vivid Matte

Hello hello ladies!! How have you been? I hope you are well. 🙂 As you know on my Instagram account, i opened Give Away 1k (more) followers for Maybelline Vivid  Liquid Matte. You can choose your color, what ever you want. Mine is orange shot. You can see on Maybelline website here.

Orange Shot

So ladies, why i choose this lipstick for my Give Away? The reason are, because this lipstick is so adorable and liquid matte lipstick is hot stuff right now. I think Maybelline Vivid matte is so fabulous, so that’s why i choose this lipstick for my give away. I really love this and i like to use it every day when I’m go out to somewhere. And i think i will buy in different colors next time. 😉 For the video tutorial and review of this stuff, i will do it soon on my Youtube channel. So just wait for it! ♥


All you have to do is:

  1. Make sure that you live in Indonesia area
  2. Shipping cost is my responsibility
  3. Follow my Instagram: @marcelinaveliana
  4. Spam likes and still counting to every new picture on my Instagram
  5. Comment done and mention to 3 of your friends in my lipstick picture on my Instagram
  6. Make sure that your friends will join it, because i will take attention for that way too
  7. Please make sure that you will not unfollow me after the Give Away, i know it’s your rights to follow me or not, but what the feedback for me to do give away if you will unfollow me after that? 😉

I will announce the winner the day when i reach 1k (more) followers. So make sure that you are following me, because if I’m not get 1k followers i can’t announce the winner yet! Good luck!!♥

Where to find me:



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