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Hello guys! Back again with me in this new post. How are you? I hope you’re good and have a blessed week. So now, i will share my picture of my little vacation with my friends and tell you about the Give Away. Let’s get started!


Last Monday, i went to Pangandaran Beach with my friends. This little vacation is just took one day. Because we go back to our hometown in the evening and so, we didn’t spend the night at there.


First, we bought a Podeng Ice Cream. But so sorry, i didn’t take a picture of it. Podeng Ice Cream is located in front of Laut Biru Hotel. The taste is quite delicious and good enough to made you happy (because i love ice cream). Then, we bought a seafood at Sari Melati 1 Restaurant, if you added me on Snapchat (id: mveliana) you can see the food that i ate. After that, we went to Menara Laut Hotel, but we just visited the cafe of that hotel. We bought Ice Lemon tea and Banana Split. We were really enjoyed it and laughed so loud. 😀 I really love a chill time and having a nice talk with them.♥ After that, we went to the West beach.

with one of my friends




i love this picture

After had a nice time at the beach, we decided to go to Horison Palma Hotel. We are visited the cafe of that hotel too and took some picture at there. The place was so good and have a beautiful view.

So beautiful, isn’t it?

I took this picture in the roof top, on the glass floor. So scared but i dare myself to stood up and took a picture.



Pardon my messy bun! 😉

Before we go back to our home town, we decided to go to the East.



Finally, in the evening we go back to our hometown. This short trip was really makes me happy and i have a good memory. I love my friends and love to spending time with them. So, i hope we can have a good time in the other time and make a good memory again together.

xo, Marcelina ♥


The Give Away for Maybelline Velvet Matte is still counting. Please visit my post of Give Away for the rules and i will announce the winner on the 5th of August, so for those of you who have not joined, come quickly to join before the deadline. Thank you!♥

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