Who is Our Real Best friend

Last week was so wonderful. I spent my day with my best friends. One of my friend celebrated her birthday. If you added me on Snapchat, you are already saw it. Then now, i want to share about the real best friend and how to find them.

credit by: Belinda // Location: Mimiti Coffee and Space

First of all, i want to tell you that i took this picture at Mimiti Coffee and Space Bandung. The place was so nice and cozy, and i feel Mimiti is a good place for you to hang out and chill with your good friends. And the drink was quite good too.

As you saw on my blog post, i have so many best friends from Junior High School. For myself, i didn’t know how we can be so close like now. We always sharing and having a good time together for the rest our life. They are really mean a lot for me. Without them, i feel nothing. Because, my second family in my life is my friends. Also you can see on my Instagram, that we are really spending time together.

But, nothing is perfect. Sometimes, we have a hard time. We argue with each other. We feel lost in our ego. But, something that remind us, that we are having each other for a long time and we known each other for so long.

Real friends doesn’t know how to be win and to be lost. But, we just forgiving each other by itself. Real friends are never thought the good things only for themselves, but for the other too. That’s what i feel about my friends.

In this world, especially for now on, it is not easy to find the real friends. Because, i think there are so many fake friends or fake face (sorry to say that). But, you can find the real one of course. How? Try to be a good person! A good person will get a good person too. Believe it or not, but I’ve been try it. Don’t think about what you will get, but think about what you will give! If you do something good to the other people, you will happy. But, don’t be stupid! If someone be so hard on you and fake, go away and give the distance between you and them, but don’t be an evil too. Just kill them with the kindness! 😉

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I really hope you will have a best friend in your life and lucky if he/she is someone that you love too!♥

xo, Marcelina

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