Good for You

By the way, how are you ladies? I’ve been so busy this week so i didn’t write any post. But today i will writing for you and telling you what i did on last weekend. I hope you enjoy it and I can inspiring you!♥


On last Saturday, i went to Rumah Guguk (DogHouse) in Bandung. The place was pretty good but the weather was not friendly, because on that day it rained. But that’s ok! I still can enjoy it. 🙂


I took the picture with Cute. What do you think? She is cute or not? Or I’m more cuter? Haha! She’s too fat i think. That’s why she’s so calm and not attractive. I didn’t take any long time at there. Because I’m bored! 😀

Then i went to Maxi’s Restaurant because I’m hungry. Haha! 😀


On this day, I fall in love with this quote. ‘Be kind to others, not because they are nice but because you are.’ I’m completely agree with this quote. Because if we do something good not because they’re good it will be Good for You! 🙂

Have a nice day and see you!♥

x, Marcelina




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