Who is Marcelina?

Maybe some of you didn’t know who I am and wondering what my job and what am I doing. You just read my blog post and what I did on the weekend and holiday, and of course about my family and my best friends.

I am a little bit sick now, but I really want to write this post (deadline) 😀 so now, let me tell you who I am and let’s get started!

Top – Hellomarcelina Store / Jeans – Stradivarius / Wedges – Studio Nine / Bag – Bao Bao by Issey Miyake

I have made the 20 things about me on my birthday blog post. So now, I’m not going to write about my basic life, but I’ll tell the story of my life.

I started my blog since September 2015 on blogspot. Then I moved to wordpress in January 2016. My first blog post is The Newbie, and why I create my own blog? Who is inspiring me? Scroll down!


I create my own blog because first, I love to take pictures. Second, I like stylish and fashion of course. Third, I love to share the positive life. That’s why, my caption on Instagram are always the positive quotes.

For the first, I knew a blog since I was in High School. But I have no idea what should I do to create a blog. Then last year, I saw Jennifer Bachdim and Anni from Instagram. They are blogger too from Japan and Germany. I like their style and their blog. They are inspired me as well. Then, I started to know Anastasia Siantar and Olivia Lazuardy as an Indonesian Blogger. They’re inspired me too. So, I have learn so many from them.

My favorite outfit is a combination of white and black. That’s why as you can see on my pictures, there are so many combination of white and black for my outfit.


Same as you, my life is just like a roller coaster too. Up and down, happy or sad, laugh and tears.

I have so many experiences in my life. I moved to Bandung at the age of 16 years old, I’ve lost my friends, I have a pen pal from Singapore, then about my love story, do you want to know too? 😉

I will tell you later on my next post. Don’t forget to give a comment in down below if you are interested with this, like and follow my blog by your email!

Until next time!♥ <to be continued>


x, Marcelina

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3 thoughts on “Who is Marcelina?

  1. Hei. I am Indra Hadiyanto, nice to meet you. Sorry for random comment at this time. I like how you describe yourself, i kinda interesting about you. HEHE 😉
    BTW, where did u live before go to BDG ? Are you in some collage ?


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