What’s Next?

Been quiet some time since I’ve uploaded a new blog post because I have so many things to do beside this. But today, I have a free time and want to share a little update of my life. So, here I go!


It’s almost Christmas and I can’t wait to see how Christmas this year. And luckily, I can take a nice picture with beautiful nature in Bandung. Before I tell you about behind the scene of this picture I want to share about a little update of my life.

This week is the exam week in my fifth year at college. So, next year I am going to the sixth year and I can’t wait for my graduation because I really want to start my business since now. I have a plan of my life. How about you? Tell me in the comment below! 🙂 My plan is to open my fashion business or my own clothing line. I have some designs of my clothing and I already have a name too. But for now I can not yet tell you what’s the name.

About where am I going to stay after graduation? If now, I think I will live and stay in Bandung. And yes, after the graduation too. But life, who knows what will happen next? So all I can say now, yes I will stay in Bandung after the graduation and start my business at here. Then, if you guys wondering how is my love life and did I had a boyfriend now Haha 😀 guess it! For now, I have to finish my college first, then build my own business and after that, maybe I’ll get married! That’s the plan and what’s next of my life.

What I Wore : DressMAJE // Shoes Studio Nine // BagKate Spade // PlaceCafe D’Pakar Dago

I took this picture in Cafe D’Pakar Dago, Bandung. I went to this place, because I want to see some green (omg whats that mean?) haha I mean I want to see nature, chill and enjoy the nature. The place was quite nice and the view was so beautiful. If you added me and seen my Snapchat and Insta Story, you could see how beautiful it is.

That’s all about now, I hope you enjoy it as much as I made this blog post. See you on my holiday blog post and have a nice December!♥

x, Marcelina


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