Who is Marcelina? -Part 2

In this post, I will talk about my self (again) for the second time. I mean, about my life. In part 1, I talked how I can be a blogger. And now, let’s talk about friendship.


She is my sister, Levina. She’s a year older than me, that’s why so many people will saying we’re look like twins. She is one of my best friend in my life. I can talk about anything, share anything and talk for more than 2 hours with her. She moved to Jakarta when she had to continue her college. So, now we like a long distance relationship. 😀 but we keep in touch by phone or text, and I’m so lucky was born in this era, because it’s so easy to communicate in this era. Thanks to social media and smartphone. 😀

PlaceMimiti Coffee and Space Bandung


As you know from the part 1, I have a pen pal from Singapore. Her name is Vanessa. I knew her from Instagram and we have a wonderful story about our friendship.

I had a crush to someone since I was in High School. He’s an athlete. And when he had a competition in Singapore, he got a fans who made him an Instagram fan page. You know, because I crush on him, I send a DM to that fan page to asked who is behind this fan page. And that is Vanessa. We talked about him for the first, but as time goes by we almost never talk about him again. Me and Vanessa like a twins. We like so many same things, like Kardashians, Hollywood’s boys, make up, fashion and else. We exchanged Christmas gift last year as you saw on my post (here), and we will do it again this year. We have not met yet, but I promise I will visit her someday. I will go to Singapore and travel the town with her. It’s been a year since I knew her, and I hope we can still counting until we grow and old. 🙂

PlaceCafe Bene

This picture was taken by my very very best friend. For now, he is my closest friend and he is my boyfriend. Lucky me, I can find someone who like a same thing. My favorite thing in my life and I never talked about it before. Harry Potter. I like Harry Potter since I was a little girl. And until now I still loving every part of that magic thing, and so is he. We always love to talk every single thing about Harry Potter’s world. Sometimes, I was thinking how I can meet someone that love same thing in my life and he became my boyfriend. And now, I have friend who I can share, talk and explore the world together, especially the magical world of Harry Potter. I’m so lucky!♥


Not only that, like you know from the other of my blog post, I have so many best friend from Junior High School. And you know that we had so many wonderful time together and all I can say now is we will having a wonderful memory soon, just wait for it!




What I wore : TopMagnolia // White PantsThis is April // ShoesStudio Nine // WatchChanel // PlaceMimiti Coffee and Space

I hope you guys enjoy it and see you on my next post!♥ <to be continued>


x, Marcelina

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