It’s been a year after I wrote All About 20, and today it’s plus 1. I’m turning 21 and I’m so excited! 😀 But for today, I just want to reflect about my life, myself and so many things happened in my life a year ago.

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I can’t believe that I will have a boyfriend at my age 20. But everything that should be happen, it will happen anyway. When I didn’t have a boyfriend, I think that I know how to be a good girlfriend. But, I’m wrong! Until now, I don’t know how. Because I realize that I should learn more how to be a good girlfriend and do the best for him. A bad memories about relationship taught me that I can’t believe a boy’s word. Haha! But I know this is so wrong. So, let me tell you as my reflection and maybe it can inspire you too.

First, we have to believe our partner, boyfriend, husband or our best friend as long as they can still be trusted. Because if we don’t, it will be bad for our relationship. We will always leery and have a negative thinking. So, for now on we have to believe that our partner is good and they are just human too.

Second, try to understand each other. He has thoughts and we also have thoughts. So, let’s try to understand their opinion and their thought. And of course, they have to understand ours too.

Third, argue for an important thing. I know this is so hard. Me and my boyfriend always argued about something not important. For me it is not good for our relationship. Because I think it doesn’t makes our relationship last long, more comfortable and more close to each other. In fact, it makes our relationship be separated and so stressful. Argue is healthy but make sure it’s just for an important thing and of course you guys know what the important things for your relationship.

My makeup look, go to here.

At my age 20, I just realized that I fallen in love with cake, beach (especially Bali), and Korean Makeup. Why? Find out here! (scroll down)

Cake is sweet and pretty looks, I like pretty things. When I eat a cake, I feel something different. It makes my day beautiful, happy and pretty also. It’s always fun when I saw a video on Instagram to make a beautiful and cute cake.

Beach is peaceful. I love the sun, the ocean and the culture. Why I said ‘especially Bali’? Bali has a culture and I love it. I love the Balinese Kebaya style. If you see on my Instagram, at my high school graduation I wore Kebaya in Balinese style. When I went to Bali, I feel free. And everyone loves freedom right? That’s why so many many people in this world want to go to Bali.

So many good things happen in Korea. KPop, KBeauty, KFashion, KDrama and etc. But what thing that makes me fallen into it is KMakeup. Korean make up has a natural look and I like it. I don’t like to wear too many makeup products. Because it will makes your skin unhealthy. The Western makeup has a matte look and they used Highlighter to make their skin glowing, but Korean makeup has a natural glowing look. If you like Korean makeup like me and want to get your face has a natural glowing too, just keep your face moisturize and hydrated. Eat a healthy food and drink mineral water. And if you want to buy Korean makeup products but it’s so hard if we have to go to Korea or it’s so expensive to buy it at the mall, I just recommend to order at Beauty Onnies. It’s original from Korea and has so many products which is not available at Indonesia. #BeautyOnniesxMarcelinaV

That’s all for today sweeties! I hope you will like it and inspiring you. Have a good day and until next time….♥

x, Marcelina


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