Hellooooo guys!! 😀 I can’t believe that finally I’m back! Since almost 6 months I didn’t write any post because I’m quite busy with my business and some technical problem.

By the way, how are you guys? Before starting I want to say Happy New Year 2018 to all of you my beautiful readers. I really hope you will have the best one yet and may your life always full of blessing! 🙂

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Hello ladies! Welcome back to my blog! How are you? I’m good and I hope you are good too.

Today, as always I’m going to tell you about my weekend. Are you excited as I am? So, let’s started!

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[CLOSED] GIVE AWAY!!! Maybelline Vivid Matte

Hello hello ladies!! How have you been? I hope you are well. 🙂 As you know on my Instagram account, i opened Give Away 1k (more) followers for Maybelline Vivid  Liquid Matte. You can choose your color, what ever you want. Mine is orange shot. You can see on Maybelline website here. Continue reading “[CLOSED] GIVE AWAY!!! Maybelline Vivid Matte”

What’s new? April Favorites [makeup stuff]

Hi guys! How have you been? I hope you have a good week. So, this is my first post about beauty product or make up stuff, what’s new and my favorites make up stuff. I hope you will enjoy and love it. Don’t forget to like it and follow my blog! So, let’s get started!:)

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GREY meets TAN

I’m still in my holiday. And the remaining 2 weeks again for it, so i have to use my time as best as i can. Spending time with my best friend is already finished. Because some of my friends already starts their semester more earlier than mine.

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The second wedding invitation it’s so great. The place, food, the bride and the groom are so nice and they got the beautiful dress and suit.
As you know, i just ended my final exam for this semester and came back to my hometown, got a long holiday for Christmas, New Year and also for the end of this semester. And for Christmas, i have a happy story that i have ever feel only once, i have a best friend from another country and we had exchanged Christmas gift. Aww! That’s so sweet and lovely isn’t it? Soon i’ll make a blog post about What I got for Christmas on this year.

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Hello lovely people all around the world! Uuuuhhhh…’s rainy season in Indonesia. So, almost everyday i bring my cute umbrella to Campus and wear a comfy outfit, because i have to prepare myself when i stuck at campus or on the way so i will feel ‘OK’ with that.;)
How’s about you sweeties? What season do you have on your country? Tell me in the comment down below, so we can be close friend….

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