What’s Next?

Been quiet some time since I’ve uploaded a new blog post because I have so many things to do beside this. But today, I have a free time and want to share a little update of my life. So, here I go!

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Hello sweet heart! Coming back again on my blog post about my trip part 2. How this week? Pretty good? I hope so. 🙂 My week was good, i spent a lot time with my family and my bestie.

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Hi my lovely readers! I miss you so badly. How are you ladies? It’s been a long day that i didn’t do a blog post. By the way guys, i got a long holiday. And last week i went to Solo-Malang-Yogyakarta. All the city are in Indonesia. And now I’ll tell you the part 1 of my trip.

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all about 20

Hello lovely people! Today is my 20th birthday. So I’ll give 20 facts about myself, 20 things i love and 20 things i hate. Let’s started!

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Black Sakura

Hello Gorgeous! So happy of this week, because i passed this week with smile and wonderful moment. How about you dear? This lovely month will be over, and we will go into the third month of this year. I think the time is just passing by so fast, right? And i really hope you can have a wonderful day of the end of the month.

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